...touching you, touching the world!

 Welcome to OUR website.  "Our" because it's for everyone who considered themselves, Jesus' friend, one who can make a difference in a very different world, by touching them with the LOVE of God.  So let's join hands together touching the world for Jesus!
God bless you!

Serving you to build a healthy & fruitful life!  (John 10:10b)

Touching God's Servant

For six years now, God gave me the burden to bless His servants (pastors, workers & missionaries).  Last 2008, almost 100 servant's of God, recieved their blessings through the help of Jesus' friends (our partner here and abroad).  Let's pray and help again this 2009 touching the lives of His servants.

Bless the Pastors 2009

This year more than 120 pastors, workers & missionaries will receive blessings from the Lord through our faithful partners.  Last December 7, 2009 more than 50 pastors, workers & missionaries received ham, t-shirt, and other Christmas gifts.  This January 5 more than 70 pastors, workers & missionaries will receive their gifts (groceries, t-shirt, etc.) This year we will also extend our gift giving to those missionaries abroad by sending them cash gifts.  All these become possible because of our good Lord through the partnership of our brethren - Jesusfriend!  God bless you all!!!


Mentoring In Singapore

October 2008 Mentoring in Singapore with ABCCOP.