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01/25/2009 05:00

Praise God for giving an opportunity to touch others thru this site. My prayer is that this site will not just touch your lives but we can touch others' lives. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

ptr musta na. si nonong 2
01/27/2009 22:23

01/29/2009 19:58

Okay naman nong, maganda nangyari sa planning ng cbcf, nag facilitate si ptr rollie manuel. mas clear ngaun vision ng cbcf at iisa direksiyon, di lang nakaatend ate fanny. Formal nang kinausap ng dce si romel para sa pagiging oic at binigyan namin siya ng enough time to decide sa pgiging camp manager na talaga. Musta na?

10/10/2009 05:34

Thank you

09/23/2010 19:14

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06/27/2012 17:34

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06/27/2012 17:35

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